Welcome to the photography Studio Huit Dalpé!

Studio Huit Dalpé is located in Gatineau's Hull sector, 5 minutes from downtown Ottawa, and has been designed for today's digital photography requirements. We also offer a darkroom to accommodate any print and film-developing needs.

It is the nest for the artist Alex Leblanc's creations, and also offers a wide variety of services such as portraits, photography courses, as well as a studio for the independent photographer that occasionally needs to shoot indoors.

Services offered by the Studio are diversified: custom photo-shoots (studio portraits or outside photo-shoot), family portraits and professional image, in-studio training and photography training, studio rental for amateur and professional photographers.

Looking for an original gift? Why not offer a family photo shoot, private training session, or even a studio rental? We will create a customized gift certificate that will be sure to please. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the perfect gift.