Training and Courses - Digital Photography

All the courses are offered on-site by Alex Leblanc, according to demand. Should a course listed below be of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us so we may schedule a course. To serve you better, the majority of courses offered by the Studio are available as individual training sessions (1 on 1).

Please note that at this moment, course handouts can only be provided in French.

Introduction to digital photography

This course is geared towards new digital camera users. We will look at the differences between 35 mm and digital cameras as well as basic usage and purchasing tips (digital cameras, printers, various accessories). Various types of software and print handling will be covered.

Duration: 4 hours (two sessions of 2 hours each).
Cost: $200 ($80 for each additional participant).

Digital Transition

This course is for the student who has already taken an introductory course to photography. We will explore various techniques in digital photography, and will cover updates and new products in the digital world.

Duration: 2 hours.
Cost: $110.

Night Lights

Do you like photos taken at night of store windows, city nightscapes, street lights or streaks of light from car headlights, but have never succeeded in capturing these images correctly? If you would like to become an expert in Night Lights, this course is for you. You will learn the techniques for long exposures, low light photography and the use of the portable flash.

Duration: 2 hours.
Cost: $140 ($60 for each additional participant).

Urban photography, street photography and scenes of life

Urban photography, also known as street photography, captures scenes of life, places and moments. This two-hour training is intended as a photo safari in downtown Ottawa to learn how to capture the moment on picture as well as innocuous places that often go unnoticed by most passersby.

Duration: 2 hours.
Cost: $140 ($60 for each additional participant).

Natural lighting and composition

The key to photography is light. This course is designed to fully exploit the natural ambient light and adjust how we think of the image in terms of light sources. In addition, during the workshop, the composition rules will be overviewed and applied to the pictures to get the best results.

Duration: 2 hours.
Cost: $140 ($60 for each additional participant).

Outdoor Photography

Outdoor photography is done by many photographers, but oftentimes not well understood. It is often a mix of several techniques such as macro photography, long exposures and moving-subject photography. The course will take the format of a photo safari in Gatineau Park.

Duration: 3 hours.
Cost: $180 ($80 for each additional participant).