Training and Courses - Advanced Training

Advanced Training (classes for professionals)

It is not always possible for everyone to enroll in a full-time photography program in college or university. This set of courses is not intended to replace college education, but is an offering of part-time courses to better match your schedule and allow you to acquire the concepts necessary to become a better photographer.

The program comprises a total of eight courses and two sessions. In addition, you will have homework and readings to complete to better grasp the concepts taught.

Most courses are offered individually (1 on 1), but many of them can be shared to reduce cost.

  1. Introduction to digital photography ;
  2. Urban photography, street photography and scenes of life ;
  3. Picture management and processing (Photoshop and Lightroom) ;
  4. Natural lighting and composition ;
  5. Introduction to In-Studio Photography.
  • One hour session to discuss your vision, expectations, needs and equipment (included).

Choose a minimum of 3 classes from the following list:

At the end of the program:

  • Review on the program, final critique and portfolio (included)

Inscription: $200 (includes two 1-hour sessions and technical assistance by e-mail for 6 months).
Cost: Depends on the selection of classes (approximately $1,500 to $2,000 for complete training).

Equipment: You will need to own an SLR digital camera. Other accessories and equipment will be provided during the trainings.